St George


St George’s was rebuilt c.1246 on the site of an earlier Saxon church. A tower was added in the 16th century. The north/Trinity chapel, remodelled in 1871 in memory of General Crosbie, contains the sarcophagus of John Page, MP for Chichester (c.1779). The tower has two 16th century bells on the national register of bells for preservation, and one recast in 1858. The project will provide toilets on the site and improve storage and access.

Top tips from completed project feedback:

-       When applying for funding expect it to cost more than the professional estimates (make sure to include a contingency).

-       Be clear on what items within the overall building cost do not qualify for Listed Places of Worship VAT grant scheme. 

-       Nominate one person to represent the PCC as "Contract Supervisor" with delegated decision-making powers to be used, if necessary, between PCC meetings. This person will be the main contact between the PCC, the supervising architect, and the contractor. This reduces confusion of too many voices and requests.

-       At the start of the work agree monthly contract monitoring meetings between the PCC's Contract Supervisor, the supervising architect/surveyor, contractor and quantity surveyor (if one is employed), to monitor progress, variations, costs and the commitment of the contingency by the supervising architect/surveyor. 

-       Everyone will be excited/keen to know what is happening. Have a process for regular bulletins/notices.

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