St Euegens


Awarded a grant to help fund a project to replace and treat roof timbers which have been attacked by woodworm and to re-slate the roof. The project includes taking down the entire timber ceiling to expose extent of woodworm attack, taking out all roof timbers weakened by woodworm and replacing with sound treated timber. The church will be re-roofed in Bangor Blue and the timber ceiling will be replaced.

Cappagh has been an important Christian site from the 8th century. The Cappagh bell is now in the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin with a label attached 'The old bell of Cappagh Abbey Co Tyrone founded in AD 792'. The present church was built in 1780. Alastair Rowan in his 'Buildings of Northwest Ulster' described it as 'a pretty, Grecian Gothic Church, hall and tower type with a particularly elegant masonry spire, the plan following the earlier pattern for such churches with the tower contained’. An ornate timber trussed roof was added in 1917. The chancel, a three sided apse, was added in 1870.

In addition to being used for worship, the church is also used for concerts and charity events.


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