St Elvan


St Elvan Church is a Grade II* listed and was built in 1852 to designs by Andrew Moseley, architect of London, and is situated in the centre of Aberdare and its Conservation Area. Its history is closely linked to the town's industrial development. It is in the gothic style and its steeple, which can be seen far across the valley, contains 8 bells. The church’s gothic styled interior is at the heart of its history with its high Anglican churchmanship. The Eden Memorial commemorating the fallen of World War One is situated in the chapel dedicated to St Michael, listing 222 names of soldiers from the Parish of Aberdare and is largest of its kind in the South Wales Valleys.

The project will undertake all the necessary restoration and repairs to both the internal and external fabric of the building to protect the Grade II* heritage and WWI Monument. It will complete essential work to the church spire as well as improve the urban landscape, restore the town’s largest historic building and complete the last part of the restoration of Aberdare town’s Conservation and Improvement Area. 

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