St Edith


Awarded a grant to fund a project to install toilets and a kitchen. The new facilities will enable increased community use of the church and inspire more people to value and enjoy the building. In 2017, the church will be 940 years old, and installing essential facilities will help provide for the comfort of the local community and congregation.

St Edith's Church is Grade I listed. It dates from 1077 when Geoffrey de la Guerche rebuilt the church and gave it as a priory to the Benedictine Abbey of St Nicolas in Anjou in France. Built into the north wall at the west end is the badly mutilated head and shoulders of a large stone effigy which may be Saxon. The church was substantially rebuilt in around 1380 and, in 1415, Henry V transferred the priory to the Carthusian order of the Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire.

The earliest records of the church bells dates from 1552 and the oldest bell currently surviving dates from 1390. The porch and priest's room above are 14th century. The nave and tower were re-built in the 14th and 15th centuries with an octagonal spire added: this blew down on Christmas night 1722.

In the Reformation, King Henry VIII confiscated the assets of the priory, granting the advowson to Trinity College Cambridge in December 1546. The interior of the church was restored in Victorian times: the Baptistry windows are by Hardman and date from this period, as do the other stained glass windows.

Top tips from feedback:

- Key people in addition to be competent in their role, should be approachable and engaging communicators

- Sounds silly but seemingly urgent repairs cannot be rushed -better planned, better executed. better results

- Before anything else, start open and transparent community engagement-get to know people, engender mutual respect and trust

- Find tasks to suit people's abilities and skills: e.g. elderly couple with IT skills offered to spend 12 months applying for small grants

- Stay in touch with your DAC and grant awarding bodies-they are there to help and support not to block and obfuscate progress

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