St Cuthbert


St Cuthbert's church is an iconic presence in the small upland valley of Kentmere, being both central to the cultural life of its resident community and prominently visible from the surrounding hills, so popular with visitors and walkers. The building is documented back to 1453 but its position at the crossing of significant old bridle tracks and drove-ways running north-south and east-west, the circular nature of the graveyard walls and the presence of an ancient yew tree dated as being over 1,000 years old, provide circumstantial evidence for there being a place of worship on the site for at least that length of time.

Top tips from completed project feedback:

-       Carry out preliminary investigation work before detailed tender plans are prepared.

        Structural unknowns were the main risk for a major overspend and it was this risk

        that we managed to minimise with cost over-run on the project less than 5%.

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