St Catherine


St Catherine’s was originally a Saxon chapel. The chancel was built in the 12th century, and is constructed of one building inside another, joined only at the windows. The building is Gothic style honey-coloured limestone, with a handmade tiled roof and three stage embattled tower. The original 14th century oak doors with forged strap hinges and ancient locks are still in place. The sanctuary lancet windows are rare examples that date back to 1220.

The repair project will replace stones in the nave, chancel, tower, and buttresses, which are crumbling and falling. The west window and stones around it will be repaired. The tower roof will be made watertight. A hard render material on the inside of the walls will also be removed, which will allow the building to breathe and reduce damp. 

Top tips from completed project feedback:

- Establish a healthy contingency as part of the budget and be prepared to be flexible about

  what is drawn from it

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