St Brandon


St Brandon is a Grade I listed church. The nave appears to have been Anglo-Saxon and possibly dates back to the eighth century. The Normans added the tower in the twelfth century. In the 1600s the clerestory was added which gave the Church further distinctive external outline feature, and enhancing the internal architecture, adding space and light. Around this time also, Bishop Cosin installed fine wood carvings, which were the finest example of this work anywhere in the world. The devastating fire in 1998 completely destroyed the interior and the roof. The interior of St Brandon’s Church was particularly splendid, containing severalmonuments and artefacts from the medieval period as well as a complete and unique set of 17th century furnishings in a flamboyant and richly carved Gothic style.

The grant will fund repairs to the lower stonework around the East end of the church. 

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