St Andrew


The church was built in the early 14th Century. It was originally thatched but was at an unknown date changed to slate. The Chancel collapsed in the 17th Century. In 1825 box pews, a triple-decker pulpit and other elements were installed; they came from our patrons (Corpus Christi College, Cambridge) when they were renovating their chapel. It is believed that the current slates date from that time. 

The project will replace the roof - this is much needed, as all the nails for the slates are past their useful life, resulting in many regular slippages, and daylight is visible in several places. The roof needs to be stripped and re-slated. Any rotten timbers need to be replaced. The work is urgent to avoid further deterioration to the fabric. The works comprise of stripping the slates off and retaining those which can be re-used; repairing the timbers and parapets as required; re-slating the roof. 

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