St Andrew


There has been a church on this site since 1893, although the building was not completed until 1935. St Andrew’s was seriously damaged during World War Two bombing, and reduced in size when rebuilt in 1957. Much of the exterior rough pennant stone was re-used, while the interior is more modern. Some of the items in the church, including the font and pulpit, came from the bomb damaged church of St Raphael’s in Bedminster.

The National Churches Trust’s £10,000 Community Grant is helping to fund a major re-ordering project inside the church. This will replace the church hall, which is currently in a very poor state of repair but replacement of which is not financially viable. By dividing some of the space inside the church, it will be able to accommodate a community hall; meeting room; crèche; welcome area with café seating; new toilets; a new kitchen; and flexible seating. A new glass entrance facing the road will serve as a welcome engagement with the community. St Andrew’s runs a Foodbank from the current café area at the back of the church, which will have more space in the new plans. The new rooms will also provide space for holiday clubs; worship space for children and young people; coffee mornings; the children’s play scheme; wedding receptions; and school visits.  

Top tips from completed project feedback:  

  • Work closely with the major players in the project, a good relationship between builders, architects, other contractors is very important

  • Close project management helps keep the lines of communication open

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