St Andrew


A grant to help fund a project to re-order and refurbish the church to make it a multipurpose building. This included a new extension for toilet facilities, a new kitchen installation, a new sliding partition to separate the Sanctuary, upgraded meeting room and general redecorations. The church is a mainly brick built building. It celebrated its 50th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone in 2012. The new church replaced an older wooden structure on the banks of the River Dee. Many of the internal fittings / furnishings were built by local parishioners. The existing Church hall is used extensively by community groups. However, the hall's deteriorating condition meant it was becoming prohibitively expensive to both maintain and insure. The closure of the local Chapel, library and snooker hall/social club meant that there were virtually no other community facilities. The new dual purpose facility offers both a church and community rooms for the local community and businesses to use.

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