Saline & Blairingone Parish Church


The church, a prominent feature in the West Fife village of Saline, was built in 1810 and designed by William Stark, an eminent architect described as a “genius” by Sir Walter Scott. 

The church is to a simple rectangular plan with galleries on three sides. There is an unusual feature comprising two short towers flanking the main entrance in the west gable, one with the bell and the other intended for a clock (never installed).

Chronic dampness in the church’s walls is the result of a misguided application of cement render many years ago. Interior linings have also become damaged and timbers have rotted. An undetected roof leak led to serious rot in a roof truss. The slates, believed to have been second hand when major work was last done on the roof after World War II, are in need of renewal.

The project will replace the render with a coating that will allow the walls to breathe. It will also remove a redundant chimney that has let water seep through, repair the failed truss, and generally refurbish the roof.

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