Sacred Trinity


Originally built in 1635, only the tower remains from this time. Rebuilt in 1752 and reordered 1871-74 by Holden. The church was adapted again in 1980 to provide more flexible space. The church still retains a "wow" factor appreciated by the growing congregation and the many community and arts users of the building. William Webb Ellis the "inventor" of Rugby was baptised at Sacred Trinity. There are significant memorials to the "Salford Pals" battalions of the Lancashire Fusiliers in the church and the War memorial outside includes the name of Edith Cavell who was a member of the congregation for a short while. During the seige of Manchester in the English Civil War royalist troops attacked Manchester from the church but were repelled. We are the only church in the country dedicated to the Sacred Trinity.

The main work the grant will fund is to help the congregation, PCC and Stakeholders have a clear, focussed vision for what they want to achieve and how they might do it.The priority will be Public Engagement: To help aid and develop the brief for the future development of Sacred Trinity, we will develop a series of bespoke engagement sessions. The engagement will look to target a number of different groups including the church community, the localcommunity and wider stakeholders

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