Oxton Gateway Congregational Church


The building was brought in 2008 by the Wirral Christian Centre (WCC) who embarked on a nearly £1 million programme of repairs and alterations to bring the building back into wide and active community use. The main hall was built in 1857-8 to designs by William Cole with the tower probably completed in 1888 by another architect (possibly Gibbon) and the minor hall and associated rooms have an inscription indicating completion in 1902. The restored building has become an important icon of regeneration to local people in the Wirral's poorest area. The restoration of the derelict site has prompted other developers to undertake projects to breathe life into the local area. Each week people tour the restored building - amazed at what has been created. £300,000 of Lottery funding over five years was obtained to extend the use of the building. Once works are completed, the church will be a place where local residents come together to solve local problems, such as family breakdown, un-healthy lifestyles, young people struggling with independent living and the isolated elderly. The major Cornerstone grant was to help fund repairs to the high-level stonework. There was significant deterioration to stonework of the main hall and the tower that could have led to falling masonry. The phase of work was to roof edge finials to the main hall which are loose and very badly damaged.

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