Holy Trinity


Holy Trinity is a Grade II listed church, sitting within a graveyard rich in wildlife - it has been registered as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC). The church was built in 1843 on rough pasture to a design by George Guillaume and originally consisted of the chancel, nave and porch. The vestry was added in 1907. In 1974 the bell turret was struck by lightning and was removed. The bell was stored at the back of the church until 1999 when it was installed in the roof of the lych gate.

The project will install kitchen and toilet facilities in the church where there were none before. Many families with young children and elderly parishioners were choosing to stay away, rather than suffer the problem of needing to visit the toilet during a service. An open space in the raised west end of the church, which sits directly on the soil below, is tired, damp and cold. This area will be levelled and the facilities installed here, meaning that they will be fully accessible. Fresh water will be piped to the back of the church and a waste water system installed to service two pods, which will be erected on either side of the west end, one housing a small kitchen, the other a discreet, sound proof and accessible toilet.

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