Church of the Nazarene


In 1897 St Peter's Mission Church opened in the Heeley area of Sheffield. It is said that during its heyday over 1000 people attended Church Services and Sunday school at St Peter's every week! However, by 1979 St Peter's Mission Church had been forced to close due to diminishing congregations, local housing demolition and population changes. The building stood alone on wasteland that had once been terraced housing, and soon became vandalised and derelict. The Church of the Nazarene approached St Peter's Mission Church and it was agreed that the building would be sold for £1. The first service was held at Christmas in 1981 and was attended by 12 people. The church is now located in the heart of a busy residential area: new housing has been built on the wasteland and there are thriving local shops, transport links and amenities within 50 metres of the building.

Top tips from feedback:

- Keep evaluating who you need on your committee, as the skills needed change as the project evolves.

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