The Blessed Virgin Mary


The stone church of the Blessed Virgin Mary dates back to the early 13th century. Royal connections in the village date back further than that, to when the manor was held by King Harold Godwinson’s mother in the 11th century.

The project will tackle the urgent structural works to the 13th century tower, the oldest surviving part of the church, which is chronically damp. Water has damaged the stone walls and roof, and there is damp rising from below. Poor previous attempts to patch up the problems haven’t worked. Recent wet winters have caused mould to grow on the internal walls and tower arch, with peeling plaster and puddles on the floor. The damp is also affecting the historic organ.

The project helped by the National Churches Trust will re-grout and repoint the tower walls, and undertake re-roofing and repairs to stonework. It should remove the church from the Heritage At Risk Register, and ensure the whole building is attractive and welcoming for all those who visit including those at shared services, events, talks, and concerts. It will also help to recruit new bellringers to an improved environment. 

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