All Saints


All Saints dates from the 13th century with the nave arcades and clerestory added in the 15th. The nave was extended in 1883 and a new chancel, vestries and organ chamber built by F Bacon in the 13th century style. There is an Ascension window by Theodora Salusbury.

This project is the second phase of a major repointing and stonework project, and will complete all the high level remedial repointing and stone replacement work identified in the 2016 QIR. The church stonework has suffered weathering over several decades. The most urgent high level work was done in 2017 (repointing plus stone replacement). The current project completes the rest of the high level repointing - to the north and south faces of the tower, and to the west doorway which also requires replacement of two defective jamb stones. Each side of the tower will take about five weeks. The contractor, Paul Beardmore, did a wonderful job on Phase 1 in 2017 and the PCC and architect are delighted that he will be the contractor for Phase 2 in 2018. Once the high level work is complete, there will be further repointing and stone replacement required at lower level. The church also wants to install a toilet and relocate an existing servery to provide proper facilities for the community space at the west end of the nave.

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