Listed Places of Worship Grants Scheme (VAT)

The Listed Places of Worship Grants Scheme makes grants towards the VAT incurred in making repairs and carrying out alterations to listed buildings mainly used for public worship.

The Scheme is run by the DCMS with a focus on preserving heritage in the fabric of our UK listed places of worship.

If your building is listed, and your works are eligible, then you may be able to claim a refund of the VAT incurred as part of your project.

The scheme has a fixed annual budget which is advertised on the LPW Grants Scheme website and has been confirmed until March 2025. 

Listed Places of Worship Grants Scheme : listed places of worship grants scheme

1. Eligibility and applications

Your church, chapel or meeting house must be listed and used primarily for public worship.

Eligible works include repairs and alterations (including plumbing and electrical), decoration, security and crime prevention, works to turret clocks, bells and bells ropes and pipe organs. The cost of professional services, directly related to eligible building work including work necessary at the planning and design stage of such works, is also eligible.

For the full list of eligible works please check the LPW Grants Scheme website.

To apply for a grant from the scheme, please visit the website where you can access guidance and download the application form. The form and supporting documents can be returned via email or post. Please note that the grant can only be applied for through the above website and is not administered by the National Churches Trust. 

2. Memorials Grants Scheme

This scheme refunds VAT on repairs to memorials which can be classed as structures.

This can include traditional memorials such as stone crosses, monoliths and statues, as well as plaques fixed to buildings.

The maximum grant payable is 20% of total project costs.

Memorials Grants Scheme : memorials grants scheme