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Stepping in ancient footsteps

If you’re anything like us, and enjoy feeling the earth beneath your boots or bike, and exploring amazing heritage and landscapes along the way, you are in for a treat!

Our churches, chapels and meeting houses are blessed. They are set within some of the finest natural landscapes in the country, or in iconic town or cityscapes. To walk or ride between them is to slow down and discover something of the past, present and future of our place within them.

The UK offers some of the very best walking in the world, visting a wide variety of heritage sites, and often exploring the history of the whole area in which they are set. From coastal paths to tracks through ancient woodland and accessible trails, there’s something to suit everyone. Whether you fancy a walk, ride or scenic drive, there are churches to discover along the trail.

We have a lot to tempt you out!



Here we list a wide variety of walks, rides and scenic drives. They are different lengths and over varied terrains. They all link to a well laid out and easy to follow route.


Church & Chapel Walking Festival 2024

We are gathering a map and list of walking festivals which feature churches, chapels and meeting houses in their routes. This page will grow in detail through the year.

Pilgrimage and slow travel

Stepping in ancient footsteps on a spiritual journey can broaden your mind and boost your wellbeing.

Pilgrimage was perhaps the first kind of tourism. You don't need to be travel a long way, it’s not about how long, but the how. Try dedicating your walk to a purpose, even if it's simply to start the day well.

Slow travel is also a more meaningful way of exploring. It's about taking your time and savouring the moments along the way. Margery Kempe, the famous medieval female pilgrim, believed in the power of a couple of miles or less. 

Slow travel encourages independence and values off the beaten path experiences. What could be better than discovering a tiny chapel in the mountains or a moment of peace in a city centre church. Stepping inside is to literally immerse yourself in local heritage and culture.

Walking is also a fabulous way to support churches. They are treasure houses of history, art and architecture as well as providers of vital community services. That cup of tea, piece of cake, paying to climb the tower or for a guidebook can make a big difference to their fundraising for repairs to protect ancient heritage or installing a toilet to benefit future visitors.

Wander a trail with us

Explore our story content to discover amazing places to walk or ride to churches, chapels and meeting houses across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Edge of the world

Some tidal islands are home to unique churches and chapels, often with monastic beginnings and built for pilgrimage and slow travel.


Hadrian's Wall

Walk or ride the route of Hadrian's Wall to discover early churches built with stones recycled from the wall.


National Parks

Incredible churches in wild landscapes, our national parks are perfect places to discover trails for all levels.


Historic labyrinths

Labyrinth walking is a form of active meditation. The motif has been used since prehistoric times and can be seen at churches across the country.


Capability Brown

If you love gardens, discover Capability Brown's churches as well as his landscapes.