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Discover the wonder of Wiltshire's sacred heritage.

Wiltshire has been a special place for a long time and our ancient sites stand testament to the ages. There are over 500 churches, including the incredible 13th century Salisbury Cathedral with its soaring spire, the tallest in the UK. Like many parts of the UK, there are plenty of historic churches. These sometime overlooked buildings are often heritage gems in beautiful locations with their stories of the past to tell. 

History in Wiltshire is not just ancient, come today and you can walk through time.

Why not start with these wonderful churches, then explore our map for more.


Wiltshire churches on our map

Malmesbury Abbey

The Abbey was founded in the 7th century; St Aldhelm was the second abbot.


St Sampson, Cricklade

St Sampson, with its magnificent tower, is an outstanding architectural and artistic landmark close to the Thames Path.


Saxon Church of St Laurence, Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon was an important religious centre in Saxon times and St Laurence church is an ancient building, thought to be one of the most complete Saxon buildings still in existence.


St Mary, Steeple Ashton

St Mary’s church gleams a golden hue in the setting sunlight which takes your breath away, even without its once high spire it dominates the village scape.


Salisbury Cathedral

This beautiful place has been a focus for its community and for countless visitors for just shy of 800 years, with the best preserved Magna Carta of 1215.


Bremilham Church, Cowage

Perched on a small grassy mound, in the middle of a farm yard, on the outskirts of Malmesbury sits the tiniest church, in service, in Britain.


An independent, non profit organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting church buildings of historic, architectural and community value across the county.



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Getting here

The north of Wiltshire and Swindon is conveniently accessible from London or Heathrow Airport by using the M4. The M3 connects London to the south of the county, including Salisbury and Stonehenge. From the Midlands and the north, the best route is by the M5.

Most airports in the south of England are in easy reach of Wiltshire, as are the seaports of Portsmouth, Southampton, Poole or Weymouth.