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11 Churches

Extraordinary women: Heritage Open Days 2018

Heritage Open Days this year is spread over two weekends for double the fun, hundreds of the events have been inspired by our ‘Extraordinary Women’ theme to celebrate the stories of local women past and present.

11 Churches

Londons unseen chapels

London is teeming with chapels of all shapes and sizes, often out of view of the main tourist routes, here are some of London’s often unseen gems to explore.

10 Churches

Great organs

Mozart called it ‘The King of Instruments’. The great majority of church organs date from the second half of the 19th century.

9 Churches

Oak Apple Day

The escape of Charles II from England in 1651 is remembered in the traditions of Oak Apple Day, on 29 May. Here are nine churches along Charles’s escape route.

9 Churches

Royal weddings

Take a peek inside happy and glorious churches and cathedrals across the UK which have hosted royal weddings through history.

13 Churches

Smallest churches

A beautiful selection of the smallest churches in Britain.

10 Churches


Discover churches with close connections to the history and present day work of our proud Royal Air Force.

11 Churches

Sir Christopher Wren

One of the most highly acclaimed English architects in history. Bill Bryson and Joanna Lumley, have chosen their favourites from 11 Wren churches for English Tourism Week.

13 Churches

pre-Raphaelite art

In the 19th century pre-Raphaelite artsist and architects added some of the most remarkable adornments to our nation’s churches. They include stained glass, tapestry, carpets and other beautiful decorations.

8 Churches

Oldest churches

It's astounding how many elements of our earliest buildings survive, all these churches date from pre AD800 and are places where you can truly touch the past.

11 Churches

Deeds not words

The many and varied women who fought for suffrage, the suffragists and suffragettes, were social reformers in many areas, and many churches are rightly proud of their links to the women who have made such a difference to our society.

12 Churches

European churches in the UK

Twelve churches, representing the original member states of the EU in 1993, 25 years ago, and the members of the EEC, created 45 years ago.

12 Churches

Hadrian's Wall

The Tyne Valley is known for its fine concentration of early churches, many built with stones recycled from the wall.

10 Churches

Heavenly church cafes

What better excuse for a slice of cake than being able to enjoy some of Britain's most beautiful and historic buildings at the same time?

14 Churches

Doctor Who

He’s travelled from one end of time to the other and visited countless alien worlds along the way, none more so than our own fair planet Earth.

15 Churches

Bill Bryson

Everybody loves Bill Bryson, here he chooses 14 of his favourite churches, including Durham Cathedral, The Italian Chapel in Orkney and London’s St Martin’s in the Fields.

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