St Swithun-upon-Kingsgate

Winchester, Hampshire


St Swithun-upon-Kingsgate
SO23 9JP

Tucked away behind the cathedral and positioned above one of the original gates in the medieval walls surrounding Winchester, the Grade I listing of this church reflects its historical and architectural significance in a city which was once King Alfred's capital. The church is thought to be unique as the only church still in regular use for worship above one of the city gates. It is a small and intimate place to worship and can accommodate between 60-70 people. Kingsgate is mentioned  in the so-called Winchester Domesday Book in 1148 and was an important part of the fortifications of the City.  The first recorded mention of the church is in 1264 when it was burned by the citizens of the City in a dispute with the Cathedral. Despite it being so small, this church attracts a large number of visitors (and 320 of them signed the book in the 4 months to Feb 2016). The 2014 quinquennial report and subsequent inspections established 4 places where water is penetrating the roof.

  • Church of England

  • Partnership Grant, £3,000, 2016

  • Our Partnership Grants funded a range of repair projects, recommended by County Church Trusts, to help keep churches open.

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