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St Mary & St Martin

The Benedictine Priory at Blyth was established by Roger de Busli in 1088, the first monastery in Nottinghamshire.

Blyth, Nottinghamshire

Opening times

Usually open through February 12pm to 4pm in conjunction with Hodsock Priory snowdrop festival.


Sheffield Road
S81 8HL

It was a daughter house of St Katherine’s of Rouen and French monks were sent there. During the early middle ages Blyth become busy, populous and prosperous, an important town in the county. At Blyth Priory, where kings with their large retinues often stayed, there was a guest hall for the entertainment of strangers as well as apartments for poor travellers. 

From the end of the 13th century the Priory church was extended and reorganised in order to meet the demand of the Blyth population for greater independence. By 1476 parish and Priory worshipped separately in the great church, with a new dividing east wall freshly decorated by ‘doom’ images of judgement day, and a second bell tower for the parish at the west end.

There is much to see in this stunning church, including the recently uncovered and extremely rare Doom painting.

  • Spectacular stained glass

  • Glorious furnishings

  • Fascinating churchyard

  • Captivating architecture

  • Walkers & cyclists welcome

  • Space to secure your bike

  • Parking within 250m

  • On street parking at church

  • Level access to the main areas

  • Dog friendly

  • Accessible toilets nearby

  • Church of England

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