St Saviour's in the Meadows

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire


St Saviour's in the Meadows

The Church was built 1863-1864, and opened for worship in 1864. It was designed by the local architect Richard Charles Sutton funded by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. It replaced a small mission chapel which had served the residents of the Meadows but became too small for the increasing population after the enclosure of the Meadows.The Church is in Gothic Revival style.

The project consists of replacing slates, replacing and checking soakers, repairing flashing and other leadwork, repointing particularly around numerous windows, gutter clearing and associated scaffolding. Rebedding and rendering of coping stones where necessary. 

  • Church of England

  • Gateway Grant, £9,200, 2020

  • Our Gateway Grants fund churches developing building projects and also urgent maintenance and repair projects to help keep churches open.

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