Dunscore Parish Church

Dunscore, Dumfries and Galloway


Dunscore Parish Church
Dumfries and Galloway

Dunscore church was built in 1823 and is located in the centre of the village. It was designed by local architect James Thomson with a simple rectangular plan, a tower on the west gable behind the raised pulpit and a horseshoe-shaped gallery on columns. James Thomson (1784-1832) was a Dumfries architect and is responsible for the design of several important local public buildings and village churches.

The repairs will address problems caused by water penetration to the walls, roof and around the windows and restore internal plaster work. It will mean that the church will be a much more comfortable and welcoming building and ensure that the church has a sound future.

  • Presbyterian

  • Repair Grant, £10,000, 2017

  • Our Repair Grants funded urgent repair work to help keep churches open.

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