Christopher Claxton Stevens

Christopher is a member of the National Churches Trust's Cornerstone Club.  He tells us why he decided to become a supporter of The Cornerstone Club and enjoy a deeper involvement in our work.


Unique in the world

"Professionally I am a consultant in antique and contemporary furniture and my life has revolved around this, but my second love is architecture and particularly churches.  I have been aware since my teens of Britain’s fantastic heritage of places of worship, along with their fittings and furnishings, which are unique in the world and must be protected at a time when congregations in many places are diminishing.  I am also very much aware of how important it is to keep repairs in hand, so that they do not become urgent and much more expensive to put right later on."

"The grandeur of fine architecture and the romance of a simple secluded country church can be equally moving, and I have hugely enjoyed visiting all sorts over the years."

"I have been a member of the National Churches Trust and its previous incarnation for over thirty years, but I recently decided to join the Cornerstone Club as it seems to me an affordable way of giving regularly rather than in fits and starts.  I know it also helps the Trust to budget for its income."

Favourite church

"Very difficult, but I think I would have to choose St Mary’s, Harefield, Middlesex for which I revised the guide book as a teenager in 1972.  Apart from its lovely green setting in spite of being on the edge of London, it is just such a treasure house of fascinating monuments, furnishings and architectural and family history. It had a very formative influence on me."

"I am a member of many heritage and applied arts organizations but I can honestly say that I have found the friendliness and personal contact of the NCT to make me feel wanted and involved second to none.  I have also remembered them in my will."