Ride+Stride for churches - 12 September 2020


Visit unique historic buildings, see beautiful countryside, get some exercise and have fun with the family! Even COVID-19 will not stop this family event. It will just happen differently in 2020.

Ride+Stride for churches is a sponsored bike ride or walk between churches, exploring and enjoying the countryside from Cornwall to Northumberland. It takes place every year on the second Saturday in September. The money raised helps to repair churches, chapels and meeting houses throughout England.

Supported by The National Churches Trust and run by county churches Trusts nationwide, Ride+Stride for Churches opens the doors to some of England's amazing church buildings. In 2019, Ride+Stride raised over £1.2 million for the restoration and preservation of the UK’s historic churches, chapels and meeting houses.

In 2020 Ride+Stride for Churches will take place on 12 September.

This year, some County Churches Trusts plan on holding the event in a similar way to previous years. However, due to COVID-19, this year not all County Churches Trusts will be able to hold the event and for others, the event may take a different form. Because of the uncertainty, the national Ride + Stride for Churches website has been suspended and that is why you may have been re-directed to this page.

Find out about Ride+Stride for Churches near you

We are working hard to find out what the situation will be in every county.

The following county trusts have informed us that they will be taking part in Ride+Stride this year: 




Hampshire & The Islands











The following trusts have informed us that they are unable to take part this year.

Over the coming weeks, this information will be updated to keep you informed.  Visit our directory for contact details of the local churches trust for your county.

 If you need any further information, please email us at info@nationalchurchestrust.org

If you are organising Ride+Stride for Churches this year, do visit our branding and marketing page and find some useful downloads and information to help you.