Cornerstone Club Membership

The Cornerstone Club is a group of our closest supporters who enjoy a deepened involvement in our work. Our Large Grants scheme enables us to award significant grants of between £10,000 and £50,000 to churches that are tackling major works and our Cornerstone Club members help us to raise sufficient funds.

The Cornerstone Club is available to any individual in return for a suggested £50* a month via Direct Debit (or £600* a year with a one-off payment).

Our growing number of Cornerstone Club members help us award significant sums to churches that are tackling major works. The difference you can make to places of worship and their local communities is immeasurable and instrumental in ensuring our heritage is preserved for future generations. Together we can fund the urgent structural repairs which are needed to make church buildings secure for the future.

Not only will your support make a vital difference to our work, but you will also enjoy:

  • A joining gift of 'The Treasures of English Churches'
  • Invitations to all our general events as well as dinners and lectures
  • A subscription to our bi-annual Friends Newsletter and monthly Friends E-newsletter
  • A copy of our Annual Review
  • Annual update letter from our Chief Executive, Claire Walker 

*Cornerstone Club membership is available to any individual in return for a minimum initial payment of £50. However, Cornerstone Club members are strongly encouraged to make an annual donation of £600 (£550 in their first year) in addition to this payment. Provided that eligibility requirements are met, the donation amount will qualify for Gift Aid and the National Churches Trust will submit appropriate claims to HMRC.

Pay by card

Pay by Direct Debit