St Nicholas

The most spectacular Norman round tower in Suffolk, if not all England, Find the tower and discover so much more!

Little Saxham, Suffolk

Opening times

Main church open within daylight hours.
Details of key holder to enable access to monuments is available at the church.
There is a bus stop outside the church on the 312 bus route between Bury St Edmunds and Newmarket. There is limited parking on a grass verge outside the churchyard.
We are on the National Cycle Route 51, on the stretch between Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge.
Make a day out of your visit by sightseeing in Historic Bury St Edmunds, or a trip to Ickworth House (National Trust, approx 5 minutes drive from the church).


Little Saxham
IP29 5LD

The most spectacular Norman round tower in Suffolk is the jewel in the crown of this striking church.

The beautiful Norman architecture and stone carving both inside and out is complemented by the array of medieval (and some later) carved pew ends in the form of numerous exotic animals and praying figures. The remains of the rood screen (removed from its original position) can be seen at the back of the church. The grandeur of this small village church is further seen through the huge baroque monument to William, 1st Baron Crofts and his second wife, Elizabeth.

This church is worth a visit at any time of the year, but looks particularly stunning surrounded by snowdrops in the spring. The architecture and furnishings of this church stand alone, without the need to mention the royal connection to King Charles II, who attended a service at the church in 1670 when visiting the nearby Newmarket races, and the link to King Henry VII through Sir Thomas Lucas (who built the chancery chapel in 1520, now used as a vestry) the Solicitor General to the King.

As with all parish churches, they highlight best the life and work of local people, not just the ‘rich and famous’ and the churchyard can be explored to uncover details of more recent history, such as the commonwealth grave of Aircraftwoman 1st Class Phyllis Elizabeth Rogers, who died in 1944, serving in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force.

A guidebook with more detail of the architecture and people involved through the history of the church is available for when you visit.

Whether we are a stopping point on your journey to nearby Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket or Ickworth House, a resting point on your cycle ride or walk, or someone local, whatever your reason to visit, you are most welcome and we hope you find our little church as fascinating and interesting as we do.

  • Wildlife haven

  • Social heritage stories

  • National heritage here

  • Magnificent memorials

  • Glorious furnishings

  • Famous connections

  • Enchanting atmosphere

  • Captivating architecture

  • Walkers & cyclists welcome

  • Steps to enter the church or churchyard

  • Space to secure your bike

  • Ramp or level access available on request

  • Parking within 250m

  • Dog friendly

  • Bus stop within 100m

  • Please visit our ‘Church Near You’ page for up to date information on events.

  • Church of England

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