St Mary Magdalene

The church was completed around 1181, with some rebuilding work was done in 1853.

Albrighton, Shropshire

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High Street

The church is is built of red sandstone in the Norman style.

It contains an alabaster monument to Sir Craig Wilson, as well as the Albrighton Mace donated to the village in 1663, by Lady Mary Talbot. The east window dates from the 14th century.

The church is separated from the extremely close parish church of St Cuthbert (Donington) by Humphreston Brook. The story is that two sisters disagreed about the nature of the architecture of the church and so resolved to build their own churches right next to each other.

  • Spectacular stained glass

  • National heritage here

  • Magnificent memorials

  • Glorious furnishings

  • Fascinating churchyard

  • Captivating architecture

  • Walkers & cyclists welcome

  • Space to secure your bike

  • Parking within 250m

  • On street parking at church

  • Level access to the main areas

  • Dog friendly

  • Accessible toilets nearby

  • Church of England

  • Partnership Grant, £2,500, 2015

  • Our Partnership Grants funded a range of repair projects, recommended by County Church Trusts, to help keep churches open.

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