St Mary

East Molesey, Surrey


St Mary
East Molesey

A project to repair the floor.

Top tips from completed project feedback:

  • We learned a lesson when we were let down by some organizations with regard to our planning for the Living History Festival.
  • When making a booking ensure that it is not done in a casual manner (even when offered 'mates rates')
  • Make sure it is firm and in writing so that the organization will be fully committed
  • Raising large sums for major restoration work is hard work
  • Keep trying, keep applying for grants to assist you and get the community behind you having fun as they fund raise.
  • Don't give in. You will get there – eventually
  • Church of England

  • Partnership Grant, £5,000, 2015

  • Our Partnership Grants funded a range of repair projects, recommended by County Church Trusts, to help keep churches open.

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