All Saints

The impressive church at Goxhill provides a great backdrop to some fascinating history, Goxhill sits close to the coast in the north of Lincolnshire, close to Thornton Abbey and Barrow Haven.

Goxhill, Lincolnshire

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The church is dedicated to All Saints and was subject to a major restoration in 1878. Quite a lot of the Norman stonework was reused. The tower dates to the 1400s.

Inside the pulpit dates from 1634, but of greater interest are the wall painting and the effigy of a knight. The wall painting came to light in when work was taking place in the porch and vestry. It dates from the mid 1400s and is of the crucifixion. It’s said to be the only complete wall painting in any church porch in England.

The stone effigy of a knight is worn but clearly high quality carving, he has his legs crossed and is wearing surcoat and chain mail. It has been suggested that he dates from the second half of the 1300s.

Nearby RAF Goxhill has the distinction of being the very first airfield in England to be handed over to the United States Air Force during World War II.

Goxhill is a small village somewhat off the beaten track and close to the River Humber. Its proximity to the coast made it of interest to the Air Ministry during World War II and runways were completed by 1941, but unfortunately it could not be used by Bomber Command due to the air defences in and around Hull. Spitfires from 616 Squadron did fly from here briefly, but it eventually found use as a training facility for American fighter pilots.

The airfield was used for storage by the RAF and MOD for many years after the war, leaving it largely intact. The control tower was deconstructed and shipped to an American Air Museum in 2003.

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