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Upcoming changes to our grants programmes

We are making a few small changes to our grants programme in line with our strategy for 2023 and our use of a new grants database. This should make it easier to apply for funding for your church. Tweaks include changes to the names of the programmes and to eligible project costs for each programme.

However, this means there will also be some changes to the usual windows for our grant applications and decisions in the first half of 2023. Click below for more details.

More details

We support a variety of churches, chapels and meeting houses across the United Kingdom with our grants programmes.

Our grants are available to any Christian place of worship in the UK that is open for regular worship.  They help keep church buildings in good repair, open for worship and community activities,  and allow them to continue to serve people, communities and visitors in all sorts of ways.

Whether you are looking to repair your roof, install a kitchen or accessible toilets, clear asbestos or simply need help undertaking regular essential maintenance to your building, we offer a range of grants to suit the size and needs of your project.


Treasure Ireland Grants

Small to medium grants to support church projects in Northern Ireland.

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Wolfson Fabric Repair Grants

Since 2020, we have managed grants made to churches by the Wolfson Foundation. You can apply for a Wolfson grant via our Gateway and Cornerstone grants programmes.

Advice on choosing the right grant

Essential information to help you choose the right grant.



Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

See churches we've supported

Discover the exciting churches which have benefited from one of our grants. There may be one close to you to visit.

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Top Tips to a successful grant application

We've put together a short video which includes lots of useful advice about how to write your project plan and apply for one of our grants. So, grab a cuppa and take some time to watch how you can make a successful grant application.

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Our ability to give grants depends on the income we receive. We rely on the generous help of our Friends and a number of trusts and foundations. Currently we are only able to help 1 in every 4 applications. We'd love to help even more churches with their projects, so do consider supporting us. There are lots of ways you can help.

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