Why visit churches?

The perfect place to discover a love for churches.

Discover remarkable sacred spaces; decode their art and architecture, reveal their hidden histories and take inspiring journeys of discovery.

Find and explore churches and chapels. Be inspired by engaging stories, themes and trails. Our detailed mapping makes it easier than ever. Enjoy pilgrimages, bookable experiences and meaningful tours to inspire and exhilarate, around the forgotten corners of this ancient land.

There are thousands of churches, cathedrals, chapels and meeting houses.

Each is waiting to welcome you and immerse you in a wonderful story.


Step into history

All churches, chapels and meeting houses have gone through stages of building and development over time.

Discover how to spot these architectural details, and step back in time with us to see how a typical parish church might have looked at various points in its life.

Discover the fascinating heritage of churches

Spotters guide

Churches are literally 'treasure houses' of history. Learn what to look for, discover the meaning behind objects and architectural features and uncover their historical significance.


Outgoing outsides

Churchyards are much more than just the green space around a church. They are spaces for quiet, natural habitats and places to explore your history and heritage.


Intriguing insides

Churches are literally treasure troves of artwork and symbolism relating to the spiritual life of the church and its congregation. Explore inside.


Create memories

Taking great photos & videos.


Taking great photos

Take lots, all about light, clutter check, chop check, set focus and exposure, get closer, hold steady, hold straight, avoid flash.


Photo composition

Rule of thirds, leading lines, flat lays, foreground interest, frames in the environment, reflections, birds eye view, worms eye view, symmetry.


Emotional photography

Faces, seasons, natural wonders, one detail, minimal, hints and intrigue, golden hour, children, animals, your people, candid, panoramics.


Create great videos

Importance of video, landscape is king, power, hold steady, sound, straighten up, lighting, focus, exposure, background, takes, copyright, model release.


Inform, entertain, enthuse

Audience, aims, storyboard, script, varying the shot, rule of thirds, cutaways, using text, subtitles, timelapse, slow motion, narration.



Transferring files, video editing, iMovie, YouTube, Facebook, Facebook live, Instagram, optimising for search, #explorechurches, sharing, QR codes, play in church.