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Treasured Ireland

Wander along a wild and rugged coastline and wallow in rolling landscapes.

The unique sacred heritage of Northern Ireland reaches back over 6000 years. Explore neolithic Celtic sites, ancient churches, simple chapels, glorious cathedrals and more. Discover stories of passion and pride, love and wonder. 

This is the undiscovered corner of the island of Ireland. There is space here and time to enjoy it.

Find and explore with us, enjoy unique bookable experiences, walk in the steps of the ancestors and embrace the giant spirit of Northern Ireland.

Treasured Ireland

Northern Ireland churches on our map

Ballintoy Church

A church with a big view, notable families and Game of Thrones!


Armagh Cathedral

The origins of the cathedral are related to the construction in 445 of a stone church on the Druim Saileach (Willow Ridge) hill by St Patrick, around which a monastic community developed.


St Patricks Cathedral, Armagh

St Patricks Cathedral, Armagh The seat of the Catholic Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland.


Derry Cathedral

St Columb is the oldest surviving building (1633) in the walled city of Derry, dedicated to Saint Columba, the Irish monk who established a Christian settlement in the area.


Belfast Cathedral

Step off Belfasts busy streets into a timeless place of prayer to explore its history and enjoy quiet moments of reflection in this beautiful place.


St Mark, Dundela

You are welcome to visit, view our stunning stained glass windows and the font where author CS Lewis was baptised.


Down Cathedral, Downpatrick

Welcome to the Cathedral, close to which we believe the mortal remains of Saint Patrick lie buried, not merely a tourist attraction but a place of pilgrimage and prayer for all people.


St Augustine, Derry

St Augustine's church is known as the 'Wee Church on the Walls' and is thought to be the site of a 6th century monastery.



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Edge of the world

The changing waves and natural or manmade causeways mean that timing is everything. For a few hours each day, low tide reveals a strip of land allowing access to these remotest of churches.