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How to host a National Church Awards livestream party


We’d love as many people as possible to celebrate the National Church Awards, so we’ll be livestreaming the event. Here’s our guide on setting up a livestream party, so that you can enjoy the day with us. 


There has never been a more important time to celebrate churches 

Churches have an amazing story to tell – from their beautiful buildings to the dedicated volunteers who keep them open and serving local people – but they need help. With the future of many churches uncertain and under threat, there has never been a more important time to celebrate the UK’s churches and their importance to communities. 

The National Church Awards is an annual celebration of churches. The event will take place from 4pm to 6pm on Monday 6 November in London. We’d love you to join us in celebrating the work that churches do, so we’re setting up a free livestream of the event.  

Here's how you can organise a livestream party for the big day. 


How to plan your party  

Gather friends, family, or your congregation 

The first step to setting up your livestream party is to invite the people you want to celebrate with. The National Church Awards will be highlighting some of the stories that churches have to tell, and showing how important they are in every corner of the UK. This is a great opportunity for small groups or your church to get together and be inspired by how churches in the UK are making a difference.  

Afternoon creativi-tea 

As part of the National Church Awards ceremony in London, winners of the awards and those attending will be enjoying an afternoon tea. So why not get involved with creating your own party food for your guests to enjoy? You could make a selection of your favourite sandwiches and scones and even bake a cake for the occasion – or have a prize for the best baked! Don’t forget a big pot of tea and celebrate in style. You could even add to the fun by making it a ‘bring and share’ tea.  

Find your biggest screen 

The Awards is being streamed on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch the action on a big screen. Connect your laptop or other device to a TV with an HDMI cable, so that you can sit back and enjoy, without worrying about the view. Or, if you’re watching it in your church with lots of people, you could use a projector to view it cinema-style. Just don’t forget to test your set up before the event begins. 

Let people know that you’re watching  

Help us to spread the word. Churches do amazing things in the UK and church buildings are hosting brilliant activities that are making a difference. We want to celebrate and share this good news! On the day, share a photo of your livestream party set up on social media to let people know you’re watching and to encourage them to get involved. You can tag us in your posts – @NatChurchTrust – and don’t forget to include the hashtag #NationalChurchAwards. In the meantime, share this blog with others, so that they can organise their own livestream party (or come along to yours!) 


Save the date 

This year’s National Church Awards will take place on Monday 6 November. Book your free ticket for the livestream of the event, so that you can celebrate with us.