Building advice


We believe that our churches, chapels and meeting houses are one of the UK’s greatest assets.

They are sometimes difficult, frustrating and time consuming to look after, and can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety… but they are also wondrous pieces of unique architecture, places where we can really tough the past, and much needed and loved hubs for community life.

peeking in through a church doorHere you will find a wealth of advice to help you know, care about and manage your church.

If you are planning a project, there is detailed advice about how to plan, fund, manage and evaluate your work, as well as what to do if things go wrong.

Our resource centre and organisations list will always be work in progress, but ultimately they will be full directories of downloads and links to everything you could possibly need to find regarding church, chapel and meeting house buildings. It will be added to every week as new advice becomes available, so check back often.

Finally, our Professional Trades Directory gives you a simple place to search for specialists, trades and craftspeople.

Before you explore the three sections you might like to fire your enthusiasm by reading ‘Why Buildings Matter’, an article written for the Arthur Rank Centre by church architect Nigel Walter.

Nigel Walter: Why Buildings Matter