Visitor welcome toolkit

Saturday, March 1, 2014 | By Divine Inspiration

The WHOLE Divine Inspiration Toolkit. This combined document contains all six parts of the Divine Inspiration visitor welcome toolkit, making it easier for you to download the whole thing if you choose.

Visitors to our places of worship come in all shapes and sizes, may have faith but may have none,  and are looking for a wide range of things – information, spiritual guidance, heritage or just simply a place to be still. The Divine Inspiration Toolkit is designed to help all church communities improve their welcome to visitors. It focuses on simple, no-cost/low-cost ideas that can be adopted quickly and helps congregations to assess and develop their ‘visitor offer’ to those who encounter them.

This resource was produced with funding from English Heritage, as part of the Places of Worship Support Officers funding programme. We will be hosting the resources produced by all Places of Worship Support Officers as each project comes to an end.

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