Church Recording Society


The Church Record Society is the national society co-ordinating and providing resources for the Church Recording Groups throughout the UK and the Isle of Man, in succession to The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS). They are supported by a network of volunteers and have produced over 2000 reports to date, a list of which can be viewed here

Church Recorders

nadfas church recorders in actionChurch Recording promotes recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage in places of worship by recording the contents of places of worship of all religions.

Churches are presented with an illustrated record detailing each item and its history. Copies of the Record are also sent to national institutions, such as Historic England archives and the National Art Library at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

There is no charge to your church for a Church Recording or for the production of a Church Record subject to the Society agreeing to undertake the work.

For further information and to enquire about commissioning a record see here, or email 

Trails of Discovery - Church Trails for Children

nadfas childrens trail in useA Church Trail is a question sheet that guides children and accompanying adults around your church. It encourages them to engage with the architecture, history and furnishings.

Local Arts Society members give their time to research and write the questions and corresponding answer sheets. The aim is to encourage 8-12 year olds and their families to learn about your church and inspire them to visit and enjoy others.

Church trails are researched, written and designed in a child friendly format. They are produced on two-sided A4 sheets, keeping the cost of reproduction low. Once a trail has been tested, the Society provides a CD and hard copy of the questions and answers.

There is no charge for making the trail and setting it up in the church. Your church only funds the continuing supplies, either through professional printing, or by photocopying.

Find out more here. If you think a church trail would help visitors and congregation engage with your church, email or call 0207 430 0730.

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