Furnishings / fittings

… wall paintings … pews … silverware … bells … altar frontals … brasses … parish chests … poppyheads … paintings … clocks … stained glass … vestments … books … monuments … chairs … candle stands … encaustic tiles … tables … decorative metalwork … sculpture …

Caring for the old

Our churches, chapels and meeting houses are treasure houses of a wide variety of significant historic and artistic objects. There are significant conservation issues to be considered, especially when handling, cleaning, storing and displaying objects.

But it should be remembered that, unlike those in museums or galleries, most of these precious items are still in use. Careful care and timely conservation will ensure that your treasures will continue to be cherished by future generations.

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Welcoming the new

Commissioning new furniture, furnishings, stained glass or other art can be a very daunting but exciting process. Often it will be part of a wider project to enhance access or use of your building, such as replacing pews with chairs or installing a new nave altar.

The work you commission will become part of your church's heritage, to be used and cared for by those who follow you. Choosing something which is appropriate, timely and perhaps a little challenging can be a long process but it is worth putting in the time and effort to get it right.

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