SunSwitch Ltd


SunSwitch Ltd has been supplying quartz halogen electric infrared heaters and controls to ecclesiastical and historic buildings since 2003. The company is approved by Trading Standards under the Buy With Confidence scheme.

SunSwitch short wavelength infrared heaters work instantly, so there is no lengthy warm up period. This is of particularly significant benefit in intermittently used buildings where great cost savings can be made by turning on the heating only when the building is occupied.

Unlike other heating methods, SunSwitch shortwave infrared does not heat the air directly. This makes it effective in tall buildings where warm air will simply drift upwards where it is of no benefit to the congregation.

Some types of heating can cause damage to ancient buildings, their furnishings and artwork. The Wall Paintings Conservation Department of the Courtauld Institute concluded that short wavelength infrared is the kindest type of heating for ancient wall paintings. This is because it does not heat the air in a way that might cause drying out problems.

SunSwitch heaters combine excellent heat output with unobtrusive elegance - an important consideration where visual appearance is paramount. For listed buildings or other buildings where wall mounting is not an option, SunSwitch offers a choice of elegant heater and stand combinations. These have the added flexibility that the heaters can be moved around.


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