Peter Cox


Peter Cox is widely recognised as the property preservation company to trust with our unrivalled experience in the repair and preservation of all types of property, from historic buildings to churches. Founded in 1951, we are the market leader in damp proofing, waterproofing, timber preservation, wall stabilisation and other specialist property treatments, with a network of regional branches across the country.

We have extensive experience repairing and preserving historic buildings and churches, from timber repairs to structural anchoring in masonry, or installing bird control measures for your property.

Many historic buildings offer convenient sites to perch, roost and nest, increasing maintenance costs. Our bird deterrence services can be tailored to specific buildings based on numerous factors, with many deterrence solutions available from spikes, nets and acoustics. We also offer bird fouling removal services, as persistent fouling can clog rainwater systems, collapse roofs, erode and stain masonry and make fire escapes unuseable as well as being simply unsightly. 

Areas of coverage England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales
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