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We supply specialist epoxy resins for the repair and restoration of rotten timber and for fabrication and protection of new timber.

Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer(Smiths CPES) was invented to restore and protect rotten timbers in boats. Badly damaged timbers, whether through rot or insects, can have strength restored and be fully protected from further damage with this remarkable product.

CPES is also used by wooden boat owners as a primer for varnish. You can achieve up to 20 years life on a varnished wooden finish with proper maintenance.

Oak and Teak Epoxy resin glues all woods, including oily woods such as teak and cocobolo, or acidic woods like oak. it penetrates deeply giving massive joint strength, fills gaps and is permanently waterproof.

Smiths Fill-It is a low sag, lightweight, waterproof and permanent epoxy filler. It may be used to restore missing profiles in damaged window frames and mouldings. Once set it is hard enough to drill and tap, whilst retaining enough flexibility to move with wood. It is the perfect companion to restoring rotten wood that has been treated with CPES.

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