Le Lay Architects


At the core of our practice is a deep interest in the history of buildings and the way they are put together. Attention is given to understanding the historic character and architectural originality of a church. We bring a particular insight and approach to heritage projects looking to revive the spirit of a building whilst protecting what is historically important. We have helped my parishes to extend the facilities they can provide, strengthening their connection to the community.

We are sensitive to all phases of the development of a church and the accumulated character they bring. Our skill is to look through the many changes and adaptations to understand the intrinsic character that is within. With this understanding we enable historic and protected churches to be fit for the demands made by today’s regulations and lifestyles. This is coupled with our experience of design, sustainability, and health and wellbeing.​

The practice principal Jonathan Goode is registered as an architect accredited in building conservation (AABC).


Areas of coverage England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales
Contact name Jonathan Goode
Contact email architects@lelay.co.uk
Telephone 020 7351 5456
Link http://www.lelay.co.uk/