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Working on beautiful historic and sometimes sensitive buildings is a passion for us here at Highlife. We offer a complete package from inspection through to restoration and a maintenance aftercare plan. Our experiences working with Churches, Castles, Town Halls and other old buildings has honed our skills in the art of treading carefully and operating in a manner which respects the importance of these valued structures. 

All aspects of the Highlife work scope hold safety at the core of their working ethos helping bring client peace of mind and job satisfaction. Our team members consist of some of the most knowledgeable and professional operators in the industry, hand picked for their integrity and solution driven attitudes.  We strive to excel with client communication and have a track record of delivering both speed and quality in our work. All of our technicians are IRATA qualified ensuring a high level of safety while the diverse experience of our operators across industries ensures adaptability to any task.  Making sure we find the right solution for our clients is key from the start. 


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Areas of coverage Wales
Contact name Alex Haslehurst
Contact email highliferopeaccess@gmail.com
Telephone +44 (0)7401 441394
Link https://www.highliferopeaccess.com/