Heritage & Ecclesiastical Fire Protection


Fire prevention and fire risk management must be your priority as the guardian of an historic church. All places of worship need a Fire Risk Assessment to protect life and to comply with the law and fire insurance requirements, but with a heritage church there is further dimension. You are the protectors of a building that has national cultural importance and is the historic spiritual focus of your community. It is your responsibility to protect it for future generations, but you don’t have to do this alone.

Heritage & Ecclesiastical Fire Protection is the expert fire safety management company you need to help you achieve fire safety compliance because, with many years of experience behind us, we understand and are passionate about churches, chapels and heritage buildings. These unique buildings demand a skilful and knowledgeable fire risk assessment. This is exactly what we provide in a sympathetic, holistic and balanced manner, with full regard for the historic fabric and spiritual ambience of your building and interior.

With every fire risk assessment, we provide:

  • A comprehensive, individually tailored, assessment of fire safety for your building to an enhanced standard that will reflect the unique nature of your special property.
  •  A detailed and unique arson risk assessment for your building.
  • Applied expert knowledge of heritage and ecclesiastical buildings.
  • A full report in plain English, detailing any actions you need to take in order to reach full compliance with the required standards.
  • Pragmatic solutions to fire safety issues, with full consideration for the historical and spiritual character your building and interior.
  • Ongoing fire safety consultancy and advice.
  •  … and much more …

 Your church is at particular risk of fire during repairs or restoration works. Many major fires in heritage buildings have happened at this time. In the aftermath of those fires it is often discovered that it was the actions, or inactions, of the guardians of the building that caused the fire, or made the fire worse. How would you feel if this happened to you?

Every change to your building or its use, even external works, can affect your fire safety strategy and protection and it will need continual monitoring, appraisal and recording. You need fire safety advice at every milestone of your project, preferably from the very beginning whilst you are still in the planning stage.

Heritage & Ecclesiastical Fire Protection will provide you with a complete consultancy package to strategically project-manage the fire safety of your building for the full duration of your works. We will periodically review the fire safety measures and update your fire risk assessment at every significant stage, liaising with architects, contractors, Building Control, Planning, Conservation and Fire Authority Officers and fire safety equipment suppliers as necessary. We will be there with you every step of the way.

Preventing Fire – Protecting Life – Preserving Heritage


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