Lighting Up Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh

Published: Thursday, April 14, 2016


One of the National Churches Trust’s Professional Trades Directory members, Pulsar Light of Cambridge, recently completed a project on Holy Trinity Church in Blythburgh, Suffolk.

Holy Trinity Church is known locally as “The Cathedral of the Marshes”, and its tower is visible for miles around. A church building has stood on this site for over a thousand years, and the current church building rises magnificently out of the marshes around the Blyth estuary.

Like many other historic churches, Holy Trinity relies on carefully designed and specialist lighting to ensure that the church’s flint is beautiful both by day and night, helping the church retains its place among the most striking features of Suffolk’s skyline at night.

The previous illumination system used on Holy Trinity was not energy efficient, and needed constant maintenance because of the ants which inhabit the church. Pulsar Light’s Eco-Range lighting was able to reduce power consumption by 46% (from 2800 watts to 1500 watts per year), saving the church money and being far more environmentally friendly (reducing the church’s yearly carbon footprint by 702kg). The new illumination system also requires far less maintenance than the old, and there is no longer any need for daily ant patrols.

Pulsar wanted to ensure that their illumination system did not contribute significantly to local light pollution, and through strategic placement of differently focused floodlights, they were able to more accurately contain light around the building, while still ensuring the entire church was effectively and evenly lit.

Pulsar’s lighting solution was able to beautifully light up Holy Trinity, while also saving the church money on its electricity bills, reducing its carbon footprint and not contributing further to local light pollution, all while improving levels of light on the church.

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