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  • Leaflet design hints and tips

    Resource Page

  • Leicestershire & Rutland Churches

    Organisation Page

    Giving people an insight into their local history and their local parish church as they are very much intertwined, encouraging them to visit and enjoy the monuments, architecture, history and peace of these fine buildings for themselves. 

  • Lincolnshire Church Photographs

    Organisation Page

    Images of Lincolnshire churches.

  • Looking at Buildings

    Organisation Page

    An introduction to architecture with pages on Building Types, architectural styles and traditions and building materials and methods of construction, and an expanding guide and introduction to buildings in seven of England's cities.

  • Manx National Heritage

    Organisation Page

    Manx National Heritage is the Island’s statutory heritage agency. It manages a significant proportion of the island’s physical heritage including 3000 acres of coastline and landscape.

  • Mausolea & Monuments Trust

    Organisation Page

    The Mausolea and Monuments Trust is a charitable trust for the protection and preservation of mausolea and funerary monuments situated in Great Britain and Ireland. It was founded in 1997 by the late Jill Allibone.  

  • Methodist Heritage

    Organisation Page

    'Methodist Heritage' is the new name for the work of the Methodist Church in Britain aimed at preserving its heritage and using it as a tool for contemporary mission.The Methodist Heritage Committee has overseen the publication of the first, full...

  • My Methodist Heritage

    Organisation Page

    To share information and research about every aspect of Methodist history: its early development, nineteenth-century splits and sub-denominations, overseas mission and life post re-union in 1932.

  • My Primitive Methodist Ancestors

    Organisation Page

    Providing a ‘one stop shop’ to share information and research about every aspect of Primitive Methodism. Use the site to share your stories, memories, photos, research and comments, about people, places and topics.

  • Norfolk Open Churches

    Organisation Page

    There are over 600 historic churches waiting to welcome visitors.They are scattered all over the countryside and in market towns and the medieval city of Norwich. They can be visited by car, by bike, by boat and on foot. So whether you are a local...