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  • A guide to grants

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  • Allchurches Trust

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    Repair a crumbling church spire

  • Anchor Foundation

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    On Sunday 30 April, the peloton of the Tour will slam the brakes on as they navigate the two ninety degree bends in between the church and the Wortley Arms. With stark fresh tarmac, there will be few better locations to catch the colour of the race in momentary slow motion. St Leonards will provide a dramatic backdrop with a huge piece of artwork designed by local children hanging from its tower. I have rung here many times and am delighted that the rest of the world will soon know of the wonders of Wortley too.

  • Architectural Heritage Fund

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    Any donation will help a church and it's community

  • Arts Council

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    The most recognizable church on Anglesey, St Cwyfan's, is popularly known as the Church in the Sea (or eglwys bach y mor in Welsh). Perched on a tiny island called Cribinau and encircled by a sea wall, this simple medieval church dates to the 12th century. It is thought to be dedicated to the Irish St Kevin, who founded the monastery across the sea at Glendalough, Ireland.

  • Asda Foundation

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    Supports a limited number of requests that have the direct involvement from ASDA colleagues.

  • Ashley Family Foundation

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    The trustees wish to focus on the following priorities: support for all the Arts; support for projects which seek to strengthen rural communities in Wales, especially in Mid Wales.

  • Association for Industrial Archaeology

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    The AIA is the national organisation for people who share an interest in Britain's industrial past. It brings together people who are researching, recording, preserving and presenting the great variety of this country's industrial heritage....

  • Awards for All

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    A grant programme offered the the National Lottery Community Fund that funds small, community-based projects across the UK. Offers grants of up to £10,000 for projects that improve communities, and the lives of people within them, for...

  • B&Q Waste Donation Scheme

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    B&Q donate unsaleable products and waste materials for re-use by recognised community groups, includes items such as slightly damaged tins of paint, off-cuts of timber, broken tiles for mosaic projects.