Ride+Stride for churches - branding and marketing


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Branding and marketing

The National Churches Trust has developed a brand and a suite of marketing material templates which are free for any local trust to use as part of their local Ride+Stride for Churches event.

The ‘Ride+Stride for Churches' logo is an official trademark. Our branding and marketing guidelines below are a resource to help local churches trusts publicise Ride+Stride even more consistently and widely, and to attract more participants and sponsors. The branding is in use on the national ‘Ride+Stride for Churches' website, www.rideandstrideuk.org.

Together these materials create a consistent look and feel for the event, in the same way that people all over the UK host their own Macmillan Coffee Morning, but use the same recognisable branding.

The National Ride+Stride Committee encourage you to consider using the marketing materials in the belief that consistent and attractive national communications, personalised for your Ride+Stride day within a nationally recognised brand, will enhance your publicity and fundraising.

If you would like to use the templates for your county, the National Churches Trust will help you produce personalised print ready materials free of charge. 

There are also downloads below of the 'Ride+Stride for Churches' logo, and a range of other images and icons that can be used on your website to help promote the event.

Do get in touch by email to info@nationalchurchestrust.org if you would like to use the materials, or would like further advice and support on branding and communications. We'll be happy to help.


Branding and marketing guidelines

Ride+Stride for churches logo (Colour)

Ride+Stride for churches logo (Black and white)

Bicycle icon

Cog icon

Cog icon (2)

Cake icon

Church and teapot icon

Windows icon

Chain and tower icon

Foot icon